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Feldenkrais Method®

Would you like to feel more comfortable, relaxed and up to date in your body?  Do you suffer from back pain, knee or hip pain, shoulder or neck pain, jaw pain or headaches, chronic tension, postural problems, neurological conditions or mobility issues, or are you  recovering from an injury? If so, Feldenkrais® treatments may help you.

Various Treatment Topics:

Regain mobility after accident or illness:  You learn to appreciate your body’s ability to adapt to the new situation.

Chronic pain:  Does not need to be! Understand your movement-and behavioral patterns. “If I understand what I’m doing, I can choose to do it…or not”

Seniors:  Remain active, no matter what your age

Children:  Learn to move themselves more effectively, easily and enjoyably.

Athletes:  Become aware of your movements and breath in a new way.  Enjoy sports with less effort and fewer injuries.

Musicians:  Learn to feel and play your instrument (or voice) as part of your whole being.

Pregnancy:  Feel more at home in your body throughout your entire pregnancy and beyond!

Pelvic floor:  Feel and include the pelvic floor muscles with the larger movements of the whole body. Increase it’s health and strenght