Feldenkrais Method

Feldenkrais Method® Esther Meier

  • Member  “Schweizerischer Feldenkrais Verband” SFV
  • Komplementärtherapeutin OdAKTT
  • Member EMR & ASCA
  • Most insurances extend coverage of treatment

Movement stimulates our development from our first moments of life. We move toward comfort: like food or warmth etc. Or we move away from danger.

The Feldenkrais  Method® of Somatic Education uses this central function of movement.

Body oriented learning is an important focus of the Method.  First you learn to have a close look at how you move yourself. You’ll become aware that many of your movements are automated and inefficient. More effort than necessary is used. This can be the reason for discomfort or chronic pain.

Trough gentle movements and awareness, you learn to perceive your movement patterns. A learning process starts. Playfully you discover new ways of moving. Old, inefficient habits will be replaced by more intelligent movements. With less effort you enjoy more freedom in movement and thinking.

The Feldenkrais Method® improves the quality of life in people all through their lives.

I have experience with treating:

  • Babies, children, special needs children
  • Mothers, pre and post natal
  • Pelvic floor
  • Work related challenges
  • Athletes (runners, skiers)
  • Musicans
  • People with traumatic injuries, including Paraplegics
  • Seniors

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